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Program 2023/2024

The work that we will develop from October 2023 to June 2024 will focus on three themes: HOUSE, STREET, UNIVERSE.

From small to huge, from the intimate to the unknown!

For about three months we want to explore, investigate and deconstruct each of these perspectives, through observation, dialogue, play; with the help of art works and the artists's creative processes. In each theme, 2 artists will be presented, from different art areas, and we will look at at their work, relating it to the theme worked by the students. This way, we will be able to create a close bridge between students and artists and, at the same time, we will reinforce the diversity of solutions and perspectives that exist to work on the same idea. 

HOUSE | Oct – Dec

My house is my shelter, the place where I rest and live with my family. Ae house is a space for memories, for accumulation of toys and stories. My house is a place of creation and travel. Can a house travel? Gain wings and fly? What if I want to modify it? Draw, cut, separate and add new things?

Keywords: Interior | Intimacy| Objects | Dance-Theater | Structure | Architecture

Artists to present in class: Gordon Matta-Clark and Ainhoa ​​Vidal

STREET| Jan – Mar

I go out into the street. Here I am with others, some I know others I don't know. Together, with roads, gardens and houses, we design this world where we live. But can we occupy streets that are not ours, change to a new scale, jump over buildings and skyscrapers? What if I get left behind on the way? 

What can I imagine and feel in these streets where I walk? 

What trails haven’t  been discovered yet?

Keywords: Urban Space | Others | Society | Landscape | Maps | Paths

Artists to present in classes: Isabel Minhós Martins & Madalena Matoso and JR

UNIVERSE | Abr – Jun

The universe is big and endless. Traveling through it is synonymous of adventure and courage. First, you need to take off, with the right clothes and proper transport. And then? Then it's for us to discover as far as the imagination allows. What's in the black hole? Who lives behind Mars and what stardust tastes like?

Keywords: Macro-scale | Flying | Gravity | Constellations | Installation | Atmospheres

Artists to present in classes: Miguel Palma and Olafur Eliasson

Note: our program may undergo minor changes.

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